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On-line Intro to Essential Oils
 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 CT

Learn the numerous benefits of doTERRA essential oils as we explore...

  • What essential oils really are
  • Why quality matters and how to ensure you getting it
  • Essential oil safety considerations and methods of application
  • The most popular essentials oils and their most common usages
  • Learning to use oils to support all areas of your health and wellness
  • The most affordable ways to get quality essential oils into your own home

Essential Oil Continuing Education Class Series
featuring doTERRA essential oils
every Thursday at 7:00pm CT

Take your education beyond the basics with this complimentary nine-class series. Each class is easy to understand, fun and interactive as you learn to enhance your family's health. Take just one or two classes or attend all nine. The series regularly repeats so you can catch any missed classes. 

Taught by Lynda Carpenter, the founder of Wellness FOR a Lifetime. Lynda is a holistic nutritionist with a MS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is certified by the coveted Essential Oil Institute as well as the Tisserand Institute. 

Class 1: Essential Oil Foundations       February 11      Register Here
Using essential oils is simple but for beginners, it can be a bit overwhelming. In this class, we will simplify how to use your essential oils safely and effectively. We will talk about the different plant parts where essential oils are extracted from and how that effects their use and benefits.

Class 2: Daily Vitality         February 18     Register Here
Wellness begins at the cellular level. Feeling vital and alive is dependent on our nutrient intake. With today’s on-the-go lifestyle and stresses, it is almost impossible to eat a healthy diet consistently. Learn what you can do to increase your energy, sleep better, have better memory and mood. The right supplements can make all the difference.

Class 3: Weight Control        February 25      Register Here
Over 40% of Americans are overweight and 33% are clinically obese. If weight management is important to you, learn how the lifestyle pyramid can help you optimize your weight and your health. You will also learn how to get the most from what you eat, ways to stay moving, and how you can curb your appetite with essential oils.

Class 4: Emotional Health and Mood Management      March 4      Register Here
In today’s fast-paced, stressful, pandemic world, more and more people are emotionally exhausted. We are stressed and that can lead to a bad mood. Over time, this can have a lasting impact on overall health and wellbeing. Learn how to use essential oils to boost mood and manage stress.

Class 5: Healthy Home and Body with doTERRA On Guard      March 11      Register Here
Safeguarding our home is critical. We are using more cleaners that possibly ever before. It is critically important that those cleaners are effective and toxin free. doTERRA’s On Guard line offers incredible, toxin-free options to sanitize your home and protect your family. In this class, we will also talk about being prepared for COVID exposure.

Class 6: Essential Oils by Body Systems       March 18     Register Here
Sometimes you don't have the oil that you think you need but if you know how oils work with different body systems, you can substitute oils and get the desired results. Our bodies are made up of complex systems that play separate but interrelated roles in supporting our health. In this class we will look at the function different body systems and how essential oils can support those systems.

Class 7: The Aromatouch® Technique        March 25      Register Here
The Aromatouch Technique is a system for applying essential oils that boosts immunity, supports stress management, helps to optimize the inflammatory response and promotes balance physically (as in homeostasis) and emotionally. The technique can be done on hands, feet or the back. So bring a friend to this class, you will want to experience the giving and receiving of the Aromatouch technique.

Class 8: doTERRA skin care and Spa       April 1      Register Here 
Why is it important for your skin care to be pure and free of toxins? Because your skin is your body’s first defense against the environment. Using toxic skin care is like taking a bath in muddy water (only worse). Many skin care products are preserved with hormone disrupting agents. If you have hormone challenges, you need to attend this class. The biggest challenge is knowing what it toxic and what is not. You will learn doTERRAs pure, healthy toxin free skin care and spa products that you can feel great about using.

Class 9: Essential Oil Science       April 8      Register Here
doTERRA is dedicated to sharing the live-enhancing benefits of Essential Oils though education, research and experience. It is their mission to unite the essential oil industry with health care professionals. In this class we will look at how sourcing effects purity and discuss doTERRAs co-impact sourcing initiative. We will learn how microbiologists, physiologists and nutritionists help identify how chemical constituents interact how that impacts us. We will also learn about Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils and what that really means – especially when compared to other brands. And finally we will look at Source to You and how you can know exactly what is in every bottle of doTERRA essential oil.

... And One More Free Monthly Series to Support your Optimal Health

Customer Appreciation Workshops

Monthly online EO workshops helping you address today's most common health challenges 

These monthly 2-hour workshop are offered as a thank you for being one of our valued doTerra customers. Since we strongly advocate for "empowered self and health care", we want to support you in doing so. These workshops allow a deeper exploration of how to use essential oils and related products and lifestyle upgrades to support a wide variety of health and/or wellness challenges. Check out the topics and save the date for those you know you want to attend.

Most workshops will be led by Lynda Carpenter,  the founder of Wellness FOR a Lifetime. Lynda is a holistic nutritionist with a MS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine and is Board Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and is certified by the coveted Essential Oil Institute as well as the Tisserand Institute. Some will have guest instructors, like yours truly (Susi Roos RN, M.Div, HN-B :))

2021 Schedule 

Mar 6 – Graceful Aging with Special Guest, Susi Roos, RN    10am-12pm CT  Register Here
We used to think that aging well depended on the genes with which we were born and that we could credit or blame our parents for the way we experienced the aging process. Now we know that those inherited genes play a very small part in determining our physical and emotional health and vigor as age. Instead, many lifestyle factors, including diet, stress, sleep, toxic exposure, happiness and more actually have the ability to reprogram gene expression – something called epigenetics. Learn more about epigenetics, and how we can put it to work for us as we harness non-toxic solutions to create far more graceful aging.

Apr 3 Osteoporosis Holistic Prevention & Management   10am-12pm CT     Register Here 
One in four post-menopausal women have osteoporosis (OP).  OP is second only to heart disease as a global healthcare problem. Risk of dying from hip fracture (often the first indication of OP) is equal to breast cancer for a women 50 years of age. Yet, 8 of 10 women deny personal risk. And simple calcium supplementation is not enough to stave off this painful, debilitating and costly disease. In this class, participants will learn risk factors and different theories on prevention and optimizing bone strength and minimizing the loss of bone density with proper nutrition.
This class will discuss nutrition, Essential oils, supplements, herbs and the importance of exercise in the prevention and management of osteoporosis from a holistic approach. It also includes a self-test to assess risk.

May 1 – Selfcare with Essential Oils  10am-12pm CT    Register Here 
This class is so powerful! How do you take care of your self? In today's fast-paced society, whether man or woman, we push and push and push and go and go and go and we rarely take time to really care for ourselves. Knowing how to use your essential oils for your self care is so important ... and so easy... and it smells good! Essential oils are well researched and clinically validated to help reduce feelings of stress, improve mood, reduce times of frustration, help you feel more in control and capable and effective. Come learn how to use essential oils are part of taking care of the most important person in your live... you. In this class we will discuss specific essential oils - what they are, how they work. We will discuss independent research by Consumer'sAdvocate.org regarding what companies were found to provide pure oils verses the majority of oils that are tainted. And, we will discuss specific oils and their therapeutic benefits in Self Care.

Jun 5 – Essential Oils in Pregnancy and Childcare 10am-12pm CT   Register Here
Pregnancy and nursing provide unique opportunities for natural medicine. Essential oils have been used safely for hundreds of years by thousands of pregnant women in the form of fragrances, bath essences and scented soaps. Essential oils can give expectant mothers a sense of empowerment, reduce annoying side effects of pregnancy and help her feel beautiful.
When and how is it safe to use essential oils with infants and small children? Find out in this great-smelling class. From the beginning of recorded time, essential oils have been extracted from aromatic plants and used as effective medicine based on the therapeutic properties. This class will address the many ways that essential oils can be a new momma’s little helper to reduce stress, promote relaxation, essential oils can even be uses for immune health so you don’t have to “tough out” a cold. Participants will learn what is safe for both momma and child.

Jul 3 – Evicting Cancer with Special Guest, Susi Roos, RN  10am-12pm CT   Register Here
It is still a widely held belief that cancer is caused by cancer genes we inherit through our lineage. Yet, we’ve known for quite some time that genetics is responsible for only 5-10% of cancers. All the rest are lifestyle driven and the typical modern-day lifestyle is indeed driving cancer to occur in 1in every 2 to 3 people. But the good news is that we can powerfully shift the cancer odds in our favor. In this presentation, you will learn how to use food, mind-body interventions, herbs, essential oils and more to become what I call a very inhospitable host for the presence or return of cancer. Remember, we are designed to heal, regenerate and be whole. We just have to support the body’s innate ability to do and become so. 

Aug 7 – Returning to School with Essential Oils with Special Guest, HS teacher, Robin Grissom   10am-12pm CT  Register Here 

Sep 4 – Hormone Balance with Essential Oils    10am-12pm CT   Register Here
Hormones regulate every system in the body. There are hormones to sleep, hormones to awaken, hormones to run from tigers, hormones to build bone, hormones to make you hungry, hormones to slow appetite. Of course, there are the hormones that cause monthly discomfort for many women and when hormone production slows (menopause), there are tons of symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats that are annoying and uncomfortable. It goes on and on and on. Some essential oils act like hormones. Others stimulate the production of hormones. Essential oils affect physical, physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Learn how to use them to improve your health. Hormone imbalances can cause bloating, fatigue, irritability, brain fog, hair loss, palpitations, mood swings, difficulty concentrating, blood sugar problems… just to name a few. Essential oils are a powerful, non-toxic option to support hormone balance and help to reduce hormone imbalance symptoms. Many essential oils simulate hormones, other essential oils reduce hormone production (like reducing cortisol, a stress hormone). In this class, participants will learn which essential oils can effectively and safely help regulate many body systems.

Oct 2 – Boosting Immunity with Essential Oils   10am-12pm CT    Register Here
Building and maintaining a robust immune system is always a plus. This year, it is critical. Whether you are at high risk for illness due to age or another factor, today, more than ever, knowing what you can do to provide maximum immunity for yourself and your family is of paramount importance. This class will provide you with the information necessary to avoid whatever happens to be going around.This class will address immunity - not any specific ailments. We will discuss specific actions to take to create and maintain a stronger more resilient immune system.

Nov 6 – Give Thanks with doTERRA   10am-12pm CT   Register Here

Dec 4 – Holiday Gift Ideas  10am-12pm CT   Register Here
 Learn how to make wonderful and wellness-promoting gifts, perfect for holiday-giving on any budget. Gifts can decrease holiday stress, provide wonderful holiday aromas, promote sleep, or nurture beautiful, non-toxic self-care. This is a fun and interactive class. 

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