The quality of essential oils matters so much. Did you know that 98% of essential oils on the market are perfume or food-grade? This means that the majority of essential oils people buy are synthetic at worst (often toxic) or may be safe for flavoring but not strong enough to be therapeutic.

If you are using essential oils to support physical and/or emotional health, you want a pure, therapeutic grade oil. One question I often get is -Is just knowing an oil is organic enough? I don't believe so- because just like we find that authentically organic food can inadvertently be contaminated with heavy metals from the soil or pesticides from a neighboring farm, even organic essential oils can be contaminated the same way or during the distilling or bottling process. That is just one of the reasons I choose doTERRA oils. Every single liter of oil is 3rd party tested not only for purity and potency but also for heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination. And on the bottom of every bottle of doTERRA oil, there is a lot number which you can plug into a website and see the report on the liter from which that bottle came from. That is quality you can trust and that is what I want for my doTERRA family, peeps and clients!

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