You have the Ability to Change your Gene Expression

You have the ability to literally change your gene repression

While it is true that certain genes you are born with can predispose you to illnesses such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease, the little-known game-changer is that this predisposition does not necessarily have to express itself in your body. And that the key to whether they actually do express or not is in your control – influenced or determined by your lifestyle, diet, self-care, emotional wellbeing choices.  

As well-known functional medicine doctor, Mark Hymen says, “Ninety percent of our current health is controlled by the environment in which we bathe our genes—the food we eat, our exercise regimen, our resilience in the face of stress, and our exposure to environmental toxins.”

How can Dr. Hymen and so many other well-respected physicians and scientists challenge the long-held belief that we are helpless victims of our genes? It’s due to the emerging field of epigenetics which is the study of how environment at and behavior can actually and significantly influence which of our genes are turned on or off. It’s like a set of blueprints that need to be actualized in order to become a structure. 
 Genes can literally be activated or silenced based on the foods you eat, the amount or lack of movement, and yes, your thoughts, feelings, and social connections. You can turn on pro or anti-cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s genes for example.  

While medical science is trying to manually manipulate identified genes, that is a slow and frustrating process because our genes’ abilities to express in different ways is far more complex than simply identifying a switch and manually shifting it. So, while we let and appreciate medical science doing what it does, we can embrace the well-understood principles of healthy living and let our bodies initiate genetic expression that supports physical and emotional wellness. 

The beautiful thing about making well-documented healthy eating and lifestyle choices, is that the same foods (plant-based, high healthy fats, low processed foods and sugars), and behaviors (like good sleep hygiene, stress management, releasing negative emotions, exercise etc.) whose powerful benefits have been documented in other ways will support pro-health genetic expression. 
Remember, that outside of a few rare genetic conditions (estimated to be 10% of the time), you are not a victim of your genes and you have great impact through the domain of epigenetics. Also remember that essential oils provide non-toxic support when it comes to supporting your health and your cleaning up your external environment (non-toxic cleaners and personal care items). 

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