Ingesting Essential Oils Safely

Oral Allowance with Essential oils
The key difference between eating the whole food and eating its essential oil is potency. Essential oils are powerfully potent, concentrated plant energy! For example, the aromatic molecules of 60 roses must be distilled to make 1 single drop of rose essential oil.
For clarity, let's compare this with coffee drinking. Drinking a cup or two of coffee is enjoyable and may benefit your health. Drinking a pot or two of coffee is probably imprudent, though. Similarly, eating a reasonable amount of an essential oil can be enjoyable, healthy, and safe though guzzling a whole bottle is ill-considered. Wise use of oils follows the "less is more" principle because the full botanical blessing is encompassed in just one drop. One single drop of oil is a dose or serving and the daily allowance is 10 drops (0.5ml) of an oil. It is also a good practice to mix the drop of essential oil with organic honey, olive oil, or coconut oil. When adding a drop of essential oil to a culinary creation, add one drop per portion and do so just before serving.

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