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    Who (or what) is The Well-Oiled Biker?

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    Craig Muzard: I guess I am the original well-oiled biker. A biker for over 50 years, I am definitely one of those guys that took better care of my bike than of my body. Six years ago, I had a wake-up call in the form of that dreaded cancer diagnosis. With the help of a holistic cancer coach, I started on healthy eating while detoxifying my body and improving my lifestyle. In addition to becoming and staying cancer-free, I unexpectedly found myself with

    • Far more energy
    • A 30-pound weight loss 
    • Better brain and gut function 
    • Far less sick time 
    • The ability to ride much longer and more comfortably

    Now, at 70 (yikes😏), I not only have more energy than I had at 60 but also far more energy than some of my younger riding buddies.


    Although pretty skeptical at first, I have to say that essential oils and related supplements were huge in helping me. I now have a simple daily health regime, natural options when something else comes up and even a travel-size kit (see the Biker Essentials Kit below) of these amazing oils that are always in the saddlebag when I ride.

    I have to say I never imagined living such a healthy lifestyle and I never imaged that my amazing cancer coach would, years later, become my significant other: aka my biker chic. (That is a great romance story to share at another time!). With Susi’s support, I have become (drumroll please) "the Well-Oiled Biker" and now I want to help you become one, too. Text or call me at 847 668-8184 or shoot me an email at TheWellOiledBiker@yahoo.com.




    Susi Roos RN: I've been a registered nurse for 40 years with training in functional diagnostic nutrition, holistic practices, integrative cancer coaching and essential oils. I've been committed, for decades, to showing people how to harness their body’s own healing abilities. Essential Oils are an integral part of my approach as these amazing gifts from Mother Nature provide so many health benefits while being so easy for people to use.
    Several years ago, when Craig introduced me to riding, (and yes, I fell in love with it before I fell in love with him) I realized the need to create that healthy lifestyle on-the-go. After witnessing the less-than-ideal health of so many of Craig’s biker friends (even the younger ones), I realized the need to help others stay on their bikes longer with more ease and pleasure. So reach out to us and find how easy and helpful it is to become a well-oiled biker.

    Email either one of us at scessentials@yahoo.com.

    Biker's Essentials Kit

    Don't leave home without it!


    Biker’s Essentials; your travel kit of essential oils

    for those common ailments that occur on the road


    Easily, safely, naturally and effectively deal with

    • stomach issues
    • sunburn
    • headaches
    • sore muscles
    • pesky insects
    • minor injuries and burns
    • and more

    These are non-toxic, effective products that provide more than symptomatic relief. They actually support your body’s healing. See below for more details.

    Tell me more about this kit...


    Why have a Biker Essentials Kit?

    This is a travel-size kit of easy-to-use remedies for the common ailments of active bikers. Craig's 50+ years of biking ensured that real problems were effectively addressed and Susi's 30+ years of holistic nursing ensured that the solutions are safe and non-toxic. Using certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, you can be assured of a healthier biker lifestyle on the go.


    This doTERRA Essential Oil Kit for Bikers includes:

    Lavender Oil for burns, sunscreen, bug bites, and major relaxation


    On Guard Beadlets for immune boosting when not feeling well, caught in the rain, sick people around you...


    DigestZen for the times you stuffed too much in or too quickly and you feel like crap - this stuff will come to rescue - quickly!


    Breathe for the times you are dealing with congestion, seasonal threats, or any other type of breathing challenge


    Past Tense for head or neck tension. Those aches in your head and neck will seem to melt away like magic in minutes.


    Terrashield is your non-toxic insect spray that really works for you like it did for the plants from which they come.


    Lip Balm to soothe and hydrate those sun and wind-chapped lips with plant oils that actually work.


    Deep Blue Rub is one you definitely won't want to leave home without. It is a powerful topical essential oil-filled cream for sore, tired and injured muscles and joints.

    Correct-X Ointment for cuts and skin irritation is a petroleum and preservative-free ointment for cuts and abrasions that soothes and protects against infection. (and women, the oils in it are amazing for the skin or scars!)

    Fractionated coconut oil to mix with lavender oil when dealing with sun or wind burned (or just plain dry) skin.


    How long will this kit last?

    We find that the kit is an investment that typically lasts for several biker seasons. With oils, you literally use a few drops at a time. You might need to replace an item or two sooner depending on your personal need for a product or how much you end up sharing them with others or using them at home as well. These oils are great for so many things!



    Do I have to buy the whole kit?

    Buying the whole kit allows you to be prepared for the most common issues on the road. But you can certainly pick and choose which items you want. If you buy the entire kit, we throw in the kit case for free and offer a complimentary wellness consult to make sure you know how to use them all and personalize them to you.


    What's the cost?

    The products range in price from $8.67 to $41.30 retail with most products ranging from $12.00-$21.00. But we show you how to get the kit at wholesale cost (25%).


    So how do I get my hands on these oils?

    Call Craig at 847 668-8184 or email us at thewelloiledbiker@yahoo.com


    You can reach out to learn more without any obligation to buy. Part of our mission is to educate you to make empowered decisions for yourself.



    Road Ready: Vitality for the long Haul

    An amazing trio of supplements to keep you in the wind longer

    This best-selling set of foundational supplements (also known as doTERRA's Life Long Vitality) supports health, endurance, and anti-aging with a:

    1. a whole-food multi-vitamin/mineral 
    2. An omega fish oil critical for heart, brain and joint health
    3. A powerful antioxidant blend that helps turn back the body clock, improving mental functioning, decreasing pain and helping avoid illness

    These supplements are a best-seller for good reason. As Craig (and literally millions of others have found out), they totally improve health.


    Contact Susi at scessentials@yahoo.com to learn more or set up a free consultation.


    Specially formulated to provide the body with antioxidants, support immune health, promote healthy energy levels, and give the body proper nutrients that might be missing from our diets.*


    "These babies seem to turn back the aging clock " AH


    "I noticed the difference in about 2 weeks" LC


    'Love these supplements!" RT


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