Who are We?

For those who don't know me...

My name is Susi Roos and I have been a registered nurse for 40+ years. Starting out as an ER nurse (and later an OR nurse), has given me great respect for modern medicine's amazing life-saving abilities. But I also began discovering that this model wasn’t always so effective with all the chronic and sometimes debilitating health challenges that are becoming more and more prevalent.

So, 30 years ago, I dove into the world of holistic healing. I studied acupuncture, functional diagnostic nutrition, raw foods, mind-body and energy medicine and, of course, essential oils. 12 years ago, when I also became an integrative cancer coach, I saw how powerfully essential oils helped so many aspects of a cancer healing journey. 

Essential oils began occupying prime real estate in my medicine cabinet and those of my clients. Today, out of all my tools, the oils are a favorite, not only because of their effectiveness, but their ease of usage and affordability; two important factors in our busy, often overwhelming and expensive worlds. 

my mission 

My mission is to empower people with self-care interventions for maintaining or regaining health and for graceful aging using nutrition, essential oils, supplements, mind-body interventions and more. 

With parts of our medical model broken and parts currently being stretched beyond capacity, it is more important than ever to use evidence-based self-care as a form of healthcare. Let me help you (and your loved ones) effectively do so with confidence and success. 

And for those who don't Know Craig 

  ...he had his wakeup call 8 years ago with a cancer diagnosis. Under my guidance, he significantly upgraded his diet and lifestyle. He began using essential oils as part of his evidence-based cancer healing protocols (he has been “cancer-free” for years).

But his interest was really piqued when he discovered that oils worked so effectively for his frequent headaches (no more large bottles of Advil– yay!) and later when certain doTERRA supplements created a noticeable improvement in his energy and clarity of thinking. Since then, he has been an advocate for this form of self-care.

Craig has been an avid biker for many decades. When we began taking motorcycle trips, we created our Biker’s Essential kit for all the oils and related products we wanted to always have available- wherever we were. Since then, in certain circles, he is known as the “Well-Oiled Biker”.

Craig is committed to sharing these essential oils with other bikers so they, like him, can “stay in the wind” longer. 
Craig is a testament to this. At 71, we took a month-long many thousand mile bike trip to South Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington State.

So if you are a biker, ask about our Biker's Essential kit or even set up a free wellness consult so we can see how you can extend your riding years and joy. (And ladies, we have some great ways to help protect & restore your skin from the elements!) 

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